Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Most Terriblest Blogger in the Whole Wide World

     Yep that's me! And yes I do know that terriblest is not a word, however it was suited to my purposes here so I went for it.

     Anyways, this is the post in which I apologize profusely for my silence on the internet, shower you with lame excuses, beg for your forgiveness, and finally, make empty promises I fully intend to keep but am actually highly likely to renege on. Therefore,  I give you permission to go waste your time elsewhere, beginning here, because you probably get the picture at this point.

     Yes, I realize that I have not posted since early June. No, I am not dead or dying from a terrible disease (ask Mariana or French they have both seen me alive and well in the last month), so I really have no excuse other than laziness/pregnancy for my recent blog hiatus. So all I can say is a weak "sorry that I have not been better at keeping y'all updated, please forgive me for my lackadaisical behavior."

     During my hiatus there were several events which I will be doing separate posts on later-this is where the hopefully not empty promises part comes in.

1) Caleb turned 1!
2) I quit my job-well almost, I still try to work about 10 hours a week
3) We went to Spain for my brother's wedding-AMAZING
4) Caleb learnt to walk
5) Caleb finally decided to grow fangs-not fun for a while there
6) I have officially joined the species known as whale

Stay tuned,



  1. Number Five cracked me up!

    You're not a whale. You're beautiful. I know because I read the other blog post first and saw your beautiful self.