Monday, April 29, 2013

Maternity Monday

Welcome to Maternity Monday where I will show off my two B's: my Bump and my Boy, as well as chronicle my attempts to cover my growing belly in stylish rags. There, my lazy self has killed not two, but three birds with one stone!

This particular post also serves as a "What We Wore to Visit Mariana and Luisa" post. Minus my shoes, I changed to something more comfortable. Caleb and I spent Saturday in Rhode Island with Mariana and Luisa and had a wonderful time walking, playing, eating and talking. (Pictures to follow sometime if I can get them off my stubborn Droid). We missed all our other TMC and Erasmus friends!

Ok here we are at 18 weeks prego and almost 10 months old. My photographer was highly skeptical of this whole process and did not really get the point, so please pardon the pictures, hopefully he will improve with practice :). We were also running late and Caleb needed a nap.

Close-up of the bump, which I am exaggerating by sticking out accidentally
The whole outfit
Blazer-J. Crew
T shirt-Old Navy Maternity
Pants-Motherhood Maternity

Hat-Janie and Jack (from his doting Aunt Claire)
Shirt-Thrift Store (Old Navy I think)
Pants-Old Navy
Shoes-Sperry (also from his doting Aunt Claire, notice a pattern?)

Hope you enjoyed!!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Dreamers-Link Up

Gamirasu Cave Hotel
In  the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey

I stumbled upon a link to this hotel recently, and fell in love. I think it is so beautiful and luxurious. I too have been dreaming of warmer climates, and love the idea of spending the day in the warm Turkish sun and coming back in the evening to the cool of a cave. Ryan and I have yet to take our honeymoon, so I am always on the look out for romantic as well as interesting places for us to go, if we ever get around to it. Click here for more pictures:

It also has an absolutely gorgeous swimming pool!

Linking up with Mariana over at The Cow Tales