Monday, September 23, 2013

Maternity Monday-39 Weeks!

     Haha! Jokes on me, I never thought I would actually make it to 39 weeks. I know so naïve of me. However, I do continue to get little false alarms here and there, so I do have some reason to believe this one will come early.
     Nothing too exciting has been going on at the McKenna house these days, we are just plodding along waiting for this little one. I have already made it through way more of my "to do before baby" list than I thought I would, so I am quickly running out of distractions. Luckily Caleb's antics keep me pretty busy.

Anyways, here I am at 39 weeks (minus a day). Sorry about the picture quality.

Shirt-Motherhood maternity
Vest-Upcycled from a rabbit fur stole we had in our dress-up from when I was growing up. I thieved it from my parents house last Christmas and finally finished making it into a vest.
Pants-Old Navy. Not crazy about the ankle zippers, but they were $8!

Oh and I made this fall wreath for my mantel last week. Caleb thought it was a great toy, while I was sitting on the floor trying to put it together.

Have a good week! I will keep you updated if the little one decides to make an appearance!