Friday, March 7, 2014

Taking up where I left off...a novella

Can I use the post-partum excuse 5.5 months later???? Probably stretching it, I won't go there. I will however give you an overview complete with pictures of the last 5.5 months around here. Buckle up, it may be a long one.

Lets see, my last post was on September 23, 2013 so we will start there. Here we are on September 22, 2013 hanging out in the Boston Public Garden four days before the birth of our little goof Seamus Christopher.

And he arrived four days early!!! Born at 6:20am September 26, 2013. Weighing in at 8lbs even, 21 inches I think. A birth story post to come along shortly, I hope.
The brothers checkin each other out.
Wondering how he is going to survive law school with two.


Two was way easier than I thought it would be, but the first couple months were still a major adjustment. Getting up and down two flights of narrow stairs with a newborn and a toddler who can't go down stairs is not easy, probably the biggest challenge of all.

Here we are at Christmas. We stayed in NH this year, and had fun decorating our apartment and doing some traditions of our own. The presents on St. Nicholas Day (my family's tradition) or presents on Christmas or presents on both is still a debate in our house. We did a few things on both days this year.

One major reason we have been so busy is that we have been skiing a bunch, I can finally go!!! I love it. and its such an awesome way to get fresh air and exercise in the winter. I joke that my gear is way too nice for my skill level (thank you to Ryan's very generous dad). We spend most weekends up in Lincoln, NH where Ryan's dad has a ski condo, and ski at Canon Mountain (where Body Miller learned to ski...for anyone who cares). The condo association has an indoor pool that Caleb loves, Seamus is not a fan. He loves his water scalding hot.
In January, the boys and I went out to Seattle for a few weeks in which was amazing! Thank you to my sister Claire and my sister-in-law Maria for helping to make that possible by flying with me. Here are my parents and their six grandsons.

In February we survived the flu. I got it the worst of all, and Ryan was unscathed. Here they are at their best...

...and here they are at their worst.

And the most recent pictures I have of "Seamy Brother" (don't ask, I don't know why we call him that) from a couple weeks ago.

As you can see he is a happy, smiley easy going little guy.

Caleb still isn't talking yet. He can say a few words, mostly just imitating us, and he does about 5 or 6 signs. Other than that he just babbles along in a language of his own that I am pretty sure Seamus understands, because they have elaborate conversations and crack each other up. Caleb also loves to make siren noises if you ask him what a fire truck says, and we are currently working on potty training.

So life is good, I spend my days playing, nursing, working out, trying desperately to keep things clean and neat, occasionally doing projects for the company I used to work for and waiting for the sunshine and warmth to come!

Oh and anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby boy Cowan!


  1. Ahh, the photos you posted are so amazing!! I love the photo of Caleb looking at newborn Seamus. It's so cute! And I love love the photo of your parents and their grand kids! All boys!!! I can't believe how big Todd's boys are.

    I need to squeeze Seamus' chub face!

  2. Oh, I miss those little boys! Give them big hugs and kisses from Gramma!

  3. I loved all the photos but my favorite was Caleb checking out the Seamy brother! Might I just add you are so fashionable, can you come and re-do my wardrobe?

    Glad to hear you are keeping sane, miss you!

  4. I love your Christmas photo! You're all coordinated and look so delightfully happy! I'm glad to hear everyone is well, aside from the passing flu.
    I've always wanted to try skiing, but it looks hard, somehow. That and I'm an incredibly clumsy ox and I don't want to fall over my skis and break something :)
    Your boys have the cutest eyes! They're so big and bright!